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35th Anniversary - 1979-2014

The right choice

We are dedicated to bringing you superior quality and innovative products with personalized hands-on planning, creating, and designing. You tell us what you are looking for, and we will help you to design it.

At the right time

AST works hard to meet the deadlines for even those clients under the most stringent of time crunches. Missing a trophy? Need a plaque for a special occasion, and quickly? Call AST today.

Makes all the difference

Quality craftsmanship is the key to recognizing your award winner with commemorative items. We use the finest tools and materials and take pride in our work.

  Unique Creations
  We specialize in custom,
  personalized awards
  and gifts, designed to
  reward or commemorate unique events,
  occasions and achievements
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  Custom Engraving
  Your source for all creative
  text on signs, awards,
  trophies, and more
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  Interested in a
  commemorative Flag?
  We can help!
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  Online Ordering
  Want to begin the order
  process right now? Send us a description
  of your award & we'll call you
  to finalize the details
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