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Custom Signs

Sign Machine Custom Signs

Our Xenetech 2550 router serves to produce quality signs, nametags and other corporate or personal identification. We customize to your order up to 24" x 48". We do a variety of internal, ADA and selected outside signs.

We use materials that will withstand UV rays for long life in a wide selection of colors and textures.

This signage is available in surface and reverse routed material. In surface routing we proceed through the color to a different color substrate. Reverse routing proceeds through the back color to a clear front. An appropriate color choice is made and applied with spray paint. This allows for greater color flexibility.

Reverse routing produces a smooth surface. It is more easily cleaned and is applicable in health or other appropriate settings.

In both surface and reverse applications, the material can be hole punched for screws or adhered with double sided tape. Please contact us for more details.

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